Cosplay… On Ice!


Nashville has some pretty creative ideas for geeks, and this is one of them. In the spirit of winter, a few cosplayers got together and made their way onto the skating rink. Being my first time, (I haven’t even roller skated,) I was more unbalanced than a baby trying to take its first steps, and my girlfriend, being half my size, wasn’t exactly the best support that I could have grabbed onto. So it’s not for me. Also, the skating rink wasn’t reserved for cosplayers only, and on a Saturday night, the rink was loaded with “normal” people who were confused. But it was an interesting experience overall.


A Guide to the PS4

The PS4 account for 15% of the sales in Black Friday.  Despite that not being as big as Microsoft’s, it’s a system that can hold its own, and it’s one that I can’t wait to get my hands on. That said, is it worth getting now? Or should you wait a little bit.

In this ePaper, I discuss some of the features of the PS4, and explain if you should or shouldn’t wait to get one. I’m not the best at graphic design, but I think this is effective and short, giving gamers an insight. Check it out and decide for yourself.


Catching Fire Burns Brightly

The Hunger Games: Catching Fire made a whopping $1.61 million on its opening weekend, and I was able to see it on Sunday. Needless to say, I thought it surpassed all expectations. Most film adaptations fall flat, but the Hunger Games film series is able to follow the books pretty closely, with some creative visuals that you wouldn’t get from reading the book. It especially looks amazing if you see it in IMAX. So if you’ve read the books and are wondering if the movies are worth their time, they definitely are. And with the final book, Mockingjay, being split into two separate movies, the finale is going to be a bigger blast.

That said, it was also the first movie I saw with my girlfriend as well. It was a cute experience in of itself. The theater at Opry Mills was very clean and the picture was great. If you’re looking for a quality IMAX experience, check it out.

Editorial: The PS4, Or Why Not To Buy Consoles at Launch


Sony’s fourth incarnation of video game console sold over one million in the first 24 hours in North America, proving that consoles still have life in a world of PC and mobile gaming. That said, many customers experienced glitches, as well as an unstable server. This adds to the reasoning of why not to buy a system on launch.

Even before the Internet’s gradual integration into console gaming, buying a console at launch was rarely a smart move. For me, the system’s killer apps, or must-have games that were exclusive to the console, came a few months to a year after the system was released. Top that off with the fact that the price lowers after a while, as well as limited stock if the console was released near the holidays (remember how hard it was to find a Wii when they were new,) and you have more than enough reasoning to hold off until the smoke clears.

But now there’s an even bigger reason. Consoles are no longer something that you just pop the game in, turn on, and instantly play. They’re as complex as a home computer in many ways, and ironically, the more complexity, the less care they seem to put into the system, treating their first batch of customers almost like guinea pigs who find the bugs. So I recommend waiting, because the system will be cheaper, patched up, and most likely a slimmer, more powerful version of the console will have been released. Until then, my PS3 has a lot of life in it.

GMX Video Project.

From November first through the third, I went to the fifth annual Geek Media Expo in Nashville. It’s a smaller con, but one that’s filled with cosplayers galore and a few cool guests. It was a fun time, especially with my girl by my side. Getting into shenanigans with her was fun, making it a more fulfilling experience than last year, when I just awkwardly walked around. And with the date for the next con already planned, you can register for next year’s right away. This video explores various happenings around the con, as well as a few interviews from goers and even a guest.

GMX Slideshow

Geek Media Expo came and went, leaving us with some amazing cosplays and a sense of depression after it was all over. That said, I’ve compiled some of my favorite cosplays and other curious wonders to help you remember the con. Coming next week is a video over it as well.

Pokemon: Still Catching All of Our Hearts

Pikachu, one of the most popular Pokemon from the series.

From age 9 to age 22, I’ve changed a lot about myself. But what hasn’t changed at all is my love for Pokemon.  For those who somehow lived under a rock during the late 90’s, Pokemon, is a portable game where you catch these titular creatures and battle them against other Pokemon “trainers.” This game has spawned a trading card game as well as an anime, which is still going on to this day.

The game’s latest releases, “X” and “Y,” prove that the series still has momentum, with over 4 million copies being sold worldwide in just two days, a record for Nintendo’s 3DS portable system. I’ve been playing the game nonstop since I bought it, and it manages to be great, providing the old gameplay that I love with a few new spins to it as well. That said, if you’ve played it, feel free to challenge me to a battle. If not, try it out if you have or can get your hands on any of Nintendo’s portable systems. You’ll be glad you did.

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